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my channel for emotion since 2004

<3 K/A/T/H/R/Y/N
4 January
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So I hear it's time for that little simple thing called an auto-biography. Well, I'd consider me full of myself if I wrote an entire biography, because I'd probably make it more than 50000000 pages...so let's call this my "super little, tiny oh my goodness I can't believe THIS is an auto-biography", biography.

Don't believe what the other kids tell you; I'm really not what I appear to be. Get to know me and I’ll show you the real me. Here is where I could write a little something to make you think I'm a fabulous person and make me sound really interesting, but let's leave that to your imagination, shall we? I try to be nice. In my spare time I like to talk on the phone, hang out with my friends, listen to music etc. I'm picky when it comes to certain things, like when I know what I want, I’m picky. Sometimes, I forgive to easily, way too easily. I don't know when to stop sometimes. I’m big on things that are romantic or sweet.Sometimes I'm clueless and I'm clumsy but I've got friends that love me and they know just where I stand. My friends are just about my life, without them I would be really lost. They’re always there for me and I couldn’t ask for better friends.

I'm just your average teenager; you know...the kind that gets good grades, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink; cringes when people don't know the difference between "you're" and "your". Who loves any music; and isn't limiting herself...yep, that's me. Okay so maybe I'm not average.

I try and make my life as simple, yet so complex as I possibly can (as much as it may not make sense to you, it sure makes sense to me!). I'm quite optimistic, which is pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. I love having high hopes and dreaming the "impossible"...I only emphasize "impossible" because to me, nothing is impossible. No matter your age, you can accomplish anything you want.
Never, ever be afraid to act silly, or like a fool. Sure, serious is a good quality, but for me, so is silly-ness. Life is too short to impress. Life is too short to be unhappy. Anyways...

I have faults and I am not a person who's afraid to admit them.
Music is ever so amazing to me...what can I say? Anything, everything, anytime.
I am sensitive; it's just the way I am.
I don't particularly like school, and that's just me.
I think I have some snazzy friends, don't we all? I won't tell you my friends are "OMFG HAWTER" or "BETTER" than yours, because you probably love your friends the same as I do.

My personality
I can be energetic, or lathargic. I consider myself most likely lathargic on school days....even AFTER I get home. I am stubborn; I most likely ask for advice, and go with what I think anyways; I can't help it. I'm probably the girl who makes you laugh more then cry (I don't aim for making others cry, so it should never come out that way, unless you're laughing too hard). I love laughing, and I laugh over random things most people might find drastically boring; dull; nonsense. It's me, it's cool. =)

I like bruises and scars. They show character. I have very strong opinions, but doesn't everyone? I love being pulled into deep conversations. I'm chronologically inept... I have a very hard time remembering things in the order they happened. It's almost impossible for me.I'm very expressive... I love showing people how comfortable I am with myself. I like being in a sweatshirt and feeling lazy, but I'll still wear heels and like being told that I'm pretty. Sometimes, I forgive to easily, way too easily. I try not to let what people say about me bother me but, I guess sometimes it does and it just hurts. But somehow I don't really have to capacity to hate alot of people. I'm totally goofy and impossibly clumsy. I've been through alot of things in life, more than kids should probably have to feel, but I don't let it keep me down. I hate drama, I try to stay out of it as much as possible. I'm never offended if you talk about God. I am a Baptist. I very much dislike when people who do not choose to believe in God, brag? It's a belief, you don't want others pressing God on you, so don't go around thinking you're better than others I'm always trying to find quotes to explain what i'm going through.

Want to know anything else? Ask.

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